Creating a small enterprise is a big challenge. That is why we offer our participants several services:

  • Financing. (Micro-credit, sponsorship or investment). Every business requires investment, which is something our participants often cannot find themselves because of their limited financial stature. Harapan Baru can help them to find financing for a small enterprise.
  • Helping them find the required tools and products. Not all participants are mobile or have a big social network. We can help our participants by buying goods that they need.
  • Marketing. It is important that people know about the newly developed business. Harapan Baru Lombok can help the participants find suitable buyers and partners through our extensive network.
  • Connecting participants’ businesses. We try to connect businesses created by participants. For example, connect a participant who sells bird seed to a participant who owns chickens to grow the income of both participants.
  • Helping the participant to create new products or services. One of participants who owned a mobile bakso stall expanded his business by selling Es Kepala. It was only a small modification, but offered him a lot of extra income by offering a mix of hot vs. cold, sweet vs. spicy.
  • We can help participants apply for support from the local government.
  • Supporting participants through activities that are new to them. When you start a business, you need to do many activities that are new to you, at once. During moments like that, it can be comforting to know that you have the support of others who are already experienced in these matters.