Who are we

Harapan Baru are two foundations who cooperate together:

  • Foundation (yayasan) Harapan Baru Lombok Indonesia.
  • Foundation Harapan Baru Aalten Nederland.

The Harapan Baru Lombok Foundation was created to support deprived families so they can create a better future for themselves and their children. To reach this goal, we focus on developing their skills to empower them. With their (financial) independence and newly gained knowledge, they can take more control of their lives. The Harapan Baru Foundation focuses on vocational and life skill training and the creation of micro-enterprises.


Harapan Baru is focused on Lombok and aims to create more training and job availability for people with a disability or those without any formal education / in poverty. Our ultimate goal is to make every family self-sufficient through empowerment and job creation.


Harapan Baru Lombok means “New Hope for Lombok” in English. This is what we want to offer to our clients; Hope of a better, new future. Because everybody has the right to have a decent life and everybody should be able to develop themselves mentally, emotionally, physically and socially. Everyone should have the right to participate in Lombok society.


Citizens of West Lombok are disabled
Disabled people don’t have jobs or meaningful daily activities
Micro-enterprises have been created for disabled people by Harapan Baru Lombok
Adults in West-Lombok never finished their basic education
Citizens who don’t have basic education live below the poverty line
Adults received adult vocational skill training from Harapan Baru Lombok