Harapan Baru Lombok Indonesia and Harapan Baru Aalten Nederland were created to help the socially and economically deprived on Lombok to create a more hopeful and independent future. To achieve this, we focus on developing their skills. One of the most important requirements for independence and good quality of life is having a job. Disability or poverty should not deprive people of their chances to find a decent job, even if their circumstances prohibited them from getting a good education.

Many people in poverty or with a disability don’t participate in the community. They are often the victim of prejudice, like the idea that they are worthless, weak, or punished by God. This is unjust, because everyone has the right to build a better life.

Harapan Baru Lombok means “New Hope for Lombok” in English. This is what we want to offer to our clients; Hope for a better and new future. Because everybody has the right to have a decent life and everybody should be able to develop themselves mentally, emotionally, psychically and socially. Everyone should have the right to participate equally in Lombok society.