Disability Aids

Many of our clients are not able to pay their own disability aids, while they are in desperate need of them. That is why Harapan Baru works together with several foundations to offer disability aids to the population of Lombok.

In Aalten (Netherlands) Heijerman Optiek & Oorzorg gathers hearing aids for Harapan Baru to give them a second life. On Lombok Harapan Baru works together with SLB Dharma Wanita, to offer hearing tests and hearing aids. This allows the people who were previously not able to participate on Lombok, to do so now.

We also work together with Endri’s Foundation to give medical aid and disability aids to the disabled on Lombok.


We achieved the following results in 2017:

  • 10 persons received crutches.
  • Two persons received a wheelchair from Harapan Baru.
  • 10 hearing tests were sponsored by Harapan Baru.
  • ~60 hear aids were delivered to partner organizations.